Each county in Georgia has elected government officials known as "constitutional officers" since they are enumerated by office in the state constitution. Georgia’s Constitution names four such officers: Clerk of the Superior Court, Judge of the Probate Court, Sheriff, and Tax Commissioner. Each Constitutional officer is elected by the qualified voters of their respective counties for terms of four years and has such qualifications, powers, and duties as provided by general law.

The Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia’s mission is to promote professional and ethical standards through collaboration and to serve as a resource for common issues and goals. We will communicate, with a unified voice, those issues and goals on behalf of our members.

Board Members

  • President Stephanie Hewell, Probate Judge – Elbert County
  • President Elect Stacy Nicholson, Sheriff – Gilmer County
  • Vice President Kevin Payne, Tax Commissioner – Floyd County
  • Secretary-Treasurer Grant Walraven, Superior Court Clerk – Gordon County
  • Immediate Past President Stacy K. Haralson, Superior Court Clerk – Harris County

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